Posted on: March 31st, 2017 Posted in Community News

We created a ‘living shoreline’ along the bluffs by hand-planting nearly 10,000 vegetation varieties directly into the bluffs on the river’s edge. This deep root vegetation stabilizes the riverbank, which prevents erosion damage and ensures a fully-sustainable riverbank for years and years to come.

Committed to a development philosophy of sustainability and environmental preservation, we recently attended the Sound Economic Development Summit in Raleigh to discuss our neighborhood’s one-of-a-kind living shoreline. Hosted by the North Carolina Coastal Federation, this conference was created to find answers on how to use and protect the North Carolina’s coast for economic prosperity. Our discussion included oyster aquaculture, habitat restoration, and stormwater management, where we contributed the development details behind the River Bluffs living shoreline. We’re honored to have been part of the conversation and continue to work towards the conservation of North Carolina’s coast!

Learn more about the SEDS conference by reading this recap article by the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

*Pictured: Burrows Smith, River Bluffs Community Developer, in middle of the panel.