Posted on: June 7th, 2018 Posted in Residents Only

River Bluffs Drop on By Club – June 9th through July 5th.

Please feel Free and Welcome to stop by any home that has this blue and green flag in the yard. These five houses are the pilot group of the River Bluffs Stop on By Club which currently has 20 members.

The members of the Drop on By Club are looking to embrace the satisfying times reported in media articles that described the findings of studies on how the informal social neighborhood networks of past centuries provided a sense of contentment and interrelations within neighborhoods. They noted the health benefits of reduced stress and mental stimulation. The club developed a flag for members to fly when they are ready to welcome people to drop by for conversation, relaxation and maybe a cup of coffee or tea. A main concept is the informal spur of the moment connections.

The purpose of the pilot is to gather ideas and suggestions over the next several weeks in efforts to then better define the goals the club and expand activities to all club members. Feel free to get on the Portal and join the club. However, don’t feel like you need to be a club member to drop by any house flying the flag. Just come and say “Hi”.

You may see the flags during the next month in front of the following houses starting from Jenoa Drive towards the river and moving towards Rosewood Landing:

Scharlotte and Albert Eby
328 Jenoa Drive

Susan and Leon Rooks
405 Jenoa Drive 910-619-1616

Chris and Jackie Niedermayer
408 Jenoa Drive

Bobby and Cal Beasley
400 Jenoa Drive

Karen and Bob Conger
3609 Rosewood Landing Drive

The link to one media article is