Water Volleyball

May 6th, 2017

Pat and Ritt Schiano recently moved to River Bluffs and offered to start up a type of water volleyball activity that they think would fit well with the RB community. Incorporating their prior experience of starting up water volleyball programs in 3 locations (2 in Arizona, 1 in The Villages), they offer a type of water volleyball that is a social form of low impact and fun exercise. It is in no way a competitive spiking sport.

From their past experience:
• It doesn’t matter whether you are athletic or have played any type of volleyball before.
• Age is not a factor. In past they had people playing from age 37 to 78.
• Men and women from 4 ft 11 to 6 ft 5 inches played and enjoyed the game.
• Fun exercise, low impact and low risk of injury.

The big difference in this style of play are that:
• Rules are designed to keep the ball in play as long as possible with long volleys.
• Setting up other players is not only encouraged, rules require at least 2 different players to touch the ball before it could be returned over the net.
• No spiking

Volleyball play would use around a quarter of the pool area and the program is expected to be quickly implemented after 10 participants sign up.

Use the “Contact Club Manager” button in the green box to sign up.

Feel free to contact Ritt for more information:
Ritt Schiano

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