Posted on: September 27th, 2018 Posted in Community News

Prepping Residents for the Storm

Prior to the hurricane, the River Bluffs Sales Center staff and developers held a community meeting at Porches Cafe to update residents on the best steps to take in preparation of the storm.

Walkie-talkies were strategically distributed to residents in the event that River Bluffs lost cell phone service so that neighbors could communicate, and a resident nurse took charge of a defibrillator.

In the meeting, we discussed the importance of clearing items that could be captured and blown in the storm and the importance of keeping the drains clear throughout the storm, due to the mass amount of rain that was expected.

During the Storm

During the storm, the benefits of our unique, low impact designed stormwater system were very evident as we had no flooding in the community. The system performed exceptionally and homeowners, as they always do, pitched in to help each other and to keep storm drains free of debris. The community did receive an abundant amount of rain and wind. Trees did fall and we had a few nearby power lines that fell as well. The community lost power, like all areas impacted by the storm but Duke Power worked with River Bluffs quickly for the restoration of power to the community.

“Community comradery truly exceeded all expectations.”

The Days Following the Storm

Once the hurricane had passed, Burrows Smith, Managing Partner and one of the developers of River Bluffs graciously gave Karen Clow, a resident and member of the Sales Team at River Bluffs, the keys to open Porches to use as a place where residents could we could all come together. Porches has a built-in generator and maintained power, TV, and WIFI throughout the storm. Porches provided a place to cook food and have a/c as well. But it truly became so much more than that. Neighbors enjoyed a potluck breakfast and dinner for 4 days until the power came back on.  “Neighbors met that would have not met otherwise. We have bonded and become such great friends. It truly kept us sane!“, says Karen.

Extending Help Outside of River Bluffs 

Once the power was restored, neighbors decided that they needed to extend help outside of the gates of River Bluffs. Residents were able to collect 5 car/truckloads of food, medical supplies, cleaning supplies, diapers, etc to give to DREAMS. An organization that is providing relief to residents of the downtown Wilmington Northside area who have literally lost everything.  Residents of River Bluffs are continually reaching out to them and helping by volunteering and providing supplies, etc.



Resident Quotes

Below are a few quotes from some of the homeowners that expressed what this time meant to them.
“Thank you, everyone, who helped. Being able to have ac and Internet made things bearable for those of us without generators. Truly appreciated.”
“You guys were amazing!!! Very appreciative of the ones who stayed that updated and informed us that left!!! What a great “village” we have!!!”

“Amazing! Thank you for making everything so much more tolerable (AC, TV, Community)”

“The outreach of our neighborhood this week has been amazing. This is so heart-warming and inspiring. What a community! All of you who toughed it out are amazing! We look forward to joining you soon.
“Looks like everyone is taking a few minutes to enjoy what we love about the neighborhood, the comradery. Can’t wait to get home.”
“Looking forward to meeting everyone- you have all been terrific throughout the storm – I know Bob and I made a wonderful decision to move to RB!!!!”
“Watching this video reemphasizes my desire to get home! So glad everyone is safe and enjoying each other and making the best of a bad situation. Love my neighborhood and friends!”

What an amazing spread we had, especially for cooks with no power in the house #riverbluffsstrong!

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