The First of its kind

The River Bluffs community brings the promise of not just better, more efficient building practices, but a promise the developers of River Bluffs have implemented of environmental sustainability and low impact processes at every turn. Processes you may not see but that provide a significant benefit to the environment and residents.

All community amenities are built with the latest energy-saving technology and the development team members are experts in the latest energy efficient building practices and opportunities. River Bluffs is the first community of its kind to incorporate a Community Farm to support the community’s restaurant and cafe, as well as provide organic farming teaching facilities for residents and students.


Minimal paved roads and Driveways

Preserved Trees & Natural Green Spaces

Energy Efficient Homes & Amenity Buildings

Construction Debris Recycling Program

Zero Retention Ponds & Clean Drainage

In developing River Bluffs, our development team has shown a tremendous respect for – and dedication to – our area and our natural environment.

They have invested significant resources into the infrastructure of our community to ensure that both the future residents of River Bluffs and those living outside our gates in the surrounding communities enjoy our easy coastal lifestyle for generations to come.

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Low Country. Low Impact.

The Homes of River Bluffs are an eclectic blend ranging from Neo-Traditional to Floridian, Single-Family to Attached Homes.

The vision for our neighborhood features architecture that blends and creates transitions between styles and eras for unique results. Our community will feature classic southern architecture reminiscent of homes found along southern riverbanks. Homes will boast inviting front porches big enough for get-togethers with neighbors that boast classic architectural elements.