A Walk to Remember

The natural beauty encompassing the River Bluffs property contributes to the community’s active lifestyle. The Riverwalk provides over half a mile of walkable riverfront access for residents and guests of the community.

The River Bluffs Riverwalk gently skirts the bank of the Northeast Cape Fear River. The Riverwalk allows residents to bask in the natural beauty of the community while enjoying the outdoors and enjoying a nice walk or run. Much of the naturally occurring foliage and landscape along the riverbank have been preserved or strengthened throughout the development of River Bluffs.

The Riverwalk is made up of 2,700′ of elevated walkways partially perched above, and partially floating on top of the flowing waters of the North East Cape Fear River. The Riverwalk meets many trails, raised bridges, elevated walkways, and parks throughout the community.

The Riverwalk connects the Marina to the Boat Launch and has two gazebos with seating. This unparalleled amenity provides residents and their guests a means to take a relaxing stroll while basking in the breathtaking riverfront views!

Prior to construction on the Riverwalk, the River Bluffs developers worked hard to create a living shoreline, consisting of nearly 10,000 vegetation varieties, hand-planted directly into the 25-45 foot tall bluffs on the river’s edge. A natural and sustainable shoreline is required to reduce environmental erosion, prevent runoff from heavy rain, and further preserve this dynamic and beautiful riverside community. Once our shoreline and riverbank were stabilized, we started the construction of the Riverwalk, and it officially was completed in July 2018! The Riverwalk at River Bluffs is the longest, privately funded overwater Riverwalk in the country! Measuring in at 2,700 feet long, the Riverwalk is just over a half-mile long. Read More about the Riverwalk on our blog, here.