Posted on: July 10th, 2018 Posted in Community News, Development Progress
Let’s play a guessing game.
What has 66,754 stainless steel screws, at a cost of a hefty $70,000 just for the screws? What is 2,700 feet long and contains 9.87 miles of wooden decking (laid end-to-end)? If you guessed the Riverwalk at River Bluffs, then you would be correct!


In the final week of June crews who started working in 2016 on this expansive community amenity, made the final connection by installing the ramp that transitions the floating section of the Riverwalk to fixed elevated section. In the first week of July, crews attached the structure to several of the pilings, and installed some missing sections of railings, with the goal completion date of the July 4th, and they did it! The River Bluffs Riverwalk is the longest private Riverwalk in the country, measuring in at 2,700′, which is just over a half mile long. Although the River Bluffs Community is private, the greeters at the gate welcome those who want to come and visit Porches Cafe and then take a stroll along the Riverwalk.

The Riverwalk is Open to Foot Traffic!

Visit River Bluffs to experience this long-sought amenity.

River Bluffs is a low impact development located on the North East Cape Fear River, 10 minutes north of downtown Wilmington, NC by boat or car! The development has taken great care to preserve and protect as much of the natural landscape as possible. Minimal curbing is installed and clearing of trees is minimal compared to regular developments. To learn more about our process and the community visit these pages on our website: Videos, The River Bluffs Difference.

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