Posted on: July 6th, 2018 Posted in Residents Only


The Riverwalk is Open!

The Riverwalk is open for residents, so go and enjoy a stroll! The crews are not completely done with their punch list, so you need to exercise extreme caution. There are still a few railings to be put up and few finishing touches to be completed. Just be alert when you are walking. Enjoy!

Portal Reservations 
Currently, there are 3 Types of Reservations available to be made through the portal. When you login Scroll down and on the left side menu you will see “Community Reservations” click there and you will see all of the reservations available to you, based on your user level. Also below that menu item, you will see “Reservation Calendar”, click the calendar to see an overview of days/locations that the different locations are reserved.

  • Club Reservations: These can ONLY be made by Club Managers. If you do not see the button to reserve, that is why. If you are a Club Manager and do not see this button option, please email Megan at, be sure to include the club name and she will make sure you have the proper access. These reservations are free. 
  • Tennis & Pickleball Courts: The courts are available for reservations for all residents. The numbers are applied if you read them from left to right while standing in front of them they are Tennis A, Tennis B, and Pickleball A and B. These reservations are free. 
  • Private Events: Residents can book private events in the CAR Room, however, the only payment we are able to accept for now is a check made out to the HOA, you may drop your checks off at the Sales Center. Private events cost $100 and require a $200 deposit, so bring two checks. The deposit check will be shredded if the room is left in proper order.
  • Coming Soon: Class and commercial event use of the room. Please email for these reservations. (Examples: RB exercise classes, personal training, yoga classes, painting classes, sewing classes, etc.)Costs go to cover the maintenance of the room. Checks can be dropped off at the Sales Center. The single event fee for this is $50, and if you will be recurrently suing the room then the fees are:
    • 1-4 classes per month- $25 per quarter
    • 5-8 classes per month- $50 per quarter
    • 9-12 classes per month- $75 per quarter
    • 13-16 classes per month- $100 per quarter

More updates are coming soon! Have a wonderful weekend!
-River Bluffs