Social Distancing AnnouncementMore

Porches Cafe
Due to current social distancing requirements, and consistent with the Governor’s order,  Porches Cafe is currently closed for dine-in service. We will have an update on when we will resume dining service soon.

River Bluffs Sales Office
The Sales Office will be maintaining normal business hours for the time being with limited staffing. We will post an update if this changes and we encourage you to call ahead or contact us online to schedule a visit.  We would be happy to facilitate an internet video chat as well if you prefer. Please call with any questions: 910.623.5015.


A New Video Series

River Bluffs is committed to reporting actual development progress through video. Our video series details each amenity, explores the history of the land on which River Bluffs now stands, plus much more. We invite you to learn about our Builder Team, experience the natural beauty of the community, and meet our founders.

The River Bluffs’ development philosophy is one of sustainability and environmental preservation.

The community remains an area leader in innovative, low impact development techniques, ensuring that more than a third of the land is preserved as open space, trails, and parks. In past years the community was awarded the Outstanding Stewardship Award.