Posted on: October 8th, 2018 Posted in Residents Only

Good morning,

On the heels of hurricane Florence, it now appears that hurricane Michael will be making landfall in the panhandle region of Florida later this week. Forecasts indicate that we will feel the effects of the storm in the late Wednesday-Friday timeframe. Please take precautions and monitor weather forecasts as we WILL be impacted by this storm with rain and wind. One of the issues we are currently battling is debris from Florence blocking the storm water drains and crews are actively working on clearing those but they will need to be monitored closely. Florence deposited literally tons of debris and this weekend we had 3.7 inches of rain between Saturday and this morning that floated a lot of it right into storm drain basins.

We will be providing additional updates later today and tomorrow so please check your e-mail regularly.

The River Bluffs Team