Posted on: October 4th, 2018 Posted in Residents Only

Good morning,

For the next couple of months the roadway on the other side of the power line easement, going down to the marina, will be closed to vehicular traffic at all times and we ask that you not walk in that area during the day. Crews have begun digging out the road bed to the marina and there will be very large equipment operating in the area every day. They will also be installing the sewer line which means that there will be large, open trenches in or near the road.

Crews will be working to clear the debris along the other path to the marina in the next couple of days. There was some damage to the bridge but it can be used. One of the issues we ran into was the lack of space to stockpile storm debris but crews showed up this morning to begin hauling away what we have already collected. This means that in addition to the development work, there will be large trucks back and forth in that area for several days. To add one more complication, Duke Energy will likely be on site any day to begin moving the power poles back from the river bank.  Bottom line, its a good idea to stay clear of the power line easement area during the day.

We appreciate your patience as crews continue to work on clearing debris amidst our efforts to continue development efforts. Thanks very much.

The River Bluffs Team