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Enjoy A Social Community with Stellar Amenities

Wilmington, NC – a destination city – is attracting new residents every day. From retirees to entrepreneurs to first-time home buyers, folks of every background are flocking to the Cape Fear region in the hopes of finding their piece of paradise. As with any move, relocating to Wilmington raises a host of questions: do we buy or rent? Where should we live? What is the cost of living in Wilmington? What are the best places to find a new home in Wilmington? It can be a daunting prospect, particularly for folks new to homeownership.

The good news is you have options. The cost of buying a home in Wilmington, NC, is a lot less than you think, particularly if you consider the 
Cottage Park neighborhood of River Bluffs. With properties beginning in the low 300s, a new home in Cottage Park is easy, accessible—and often cheaper than renting an apartment or condo in other parts of the city. Let us take you through what Cottage Park has to offer and show you how living in Wilmington, NC, is more affordable than you think.

Renting vs. Buying in Wilmington, NC

For a good many individuals, couples, and families making a move to Wilmington, the question of renting vs. buying a home is at the top of their mind. And with good reason – Wilmington’s ultra-hot real estate market and desirable seaside location have made it a prime target for both working professionals and retirees alike. This is evident in the cost of rent for desirable housing, which continues to rise without fail, all over the area. As a result, Wilmington residents are in an interesting and enticing situation when buying a home can be much cheaper in the long run than renting. 

A quick look at rental prices for desirable downtown locations shows this in full detail: Rent prices are very high for the space you get! Sawmill Point, located on the Cape Fear River in Downtown Wilmington, offers a 730 square foot studio apartment starting at $1,320 a month. An 1100 square foot 2 bed/2 bath can set you back $1,800 a month; anything larger requests that you call for pricing. Pier 33 apartments—currently under construction near a marina in downtown Wilmington—offer spaces ranging from 615 square feet to 1451 square feet. However, they ask that you call for pricing—a sure sign that the rent will be very exclusive indeed. And for those wondering, buying a condo isn’t a path to a price break. River Place, also currently under construction, offers a variety of 1 bedroom spaces between 1000 and 1200 square feet, the cheapest of which lists for $439,000.

There’s a better way to do this. If you’re relocating to Wilmington, the best choice for a new home is Cottage Park at River Bluffs. Choose the right neighborhood and affordable home to lower your cost of living in Wilmington while making a great investment in your family and future.

Cottage Park: Your New Home in Wilmington NC

Buying a house in Wilmington, NC, is much easier if you consider Cottage Park at River Bluffs. Our homes reflect the spirit of the Cape Fear region: a relaxed, low country living with an elegant coastal flair. Every detail of the construction and design of these houses is immaculate, from the stainless steel appliances in our spacious kitchens to the beautifully tiled bathrooms to the trim on the exterior. 

Reflecting our love of the natural beauty of the region, our homes and our community are designed with environmental friendliness and energy efficiency in mind. We incorporate this into every aspect of construction and design: energy efficiency argon-filled windows, R-15 batts in all exterior walls, tankless natural gas water heaters, and air sealing of all homes. In addition, each home in our community receives an independent HERS rating from a 3rd party energy assessor. This creates a community that is much kinder on the natural world than similar developments around the region while just as importantly saving you money in the long run via lower utility bills, with an average savings of $700 annually compared to similar properties.

Imagine a spacious, well designed coastal home: cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and welcoming year-round. That dream is alive at Cottage Park in River Bluffs.

Meet the Builder: Herrington Classic Homes

At River Bluffs, we’ve partnered with Herrington Classic Homes to build a community that showcases the best of what Wilmington, NC, has to offer. Working in custom home-building since 1985, Herrington Classic Homes lives and works with a simple goal in mind: allowing their clients to build their story. 

Herrington knows that your home is more than a building: it’s a dream, the setting for your life, and it holds a critical place in your heart. Having developed hundreds of homes in Wilmington over the years, Herrington understands what works best in this area and how to provide their clients with the highest quality of both product and support. In keeping with the spirit of River Bluffs, the Herrington Classic Homes team is committed to meeting all of the standards for green construction practices as set by the National Association of Home Builders. They are longtime members of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, and they work to stay abreast of the best practices and latest technologies available for energy-efficient, environmentally friendly construction.

Your home is your story. Herrington Classic Home understands this, as do those of us who live in River Bluffs. We hope that you’ll make our all-natural neighborhood the setting for your next chapter.

River Bluffs: At the Heart of it All

Cottage Park is just one part of the River Bluffs community. Built, as the name suggests, on majestic bluffs rising 30 to 50 feet over the Cape Fear River, River Bluffs embodies so much of what makes life in Wilmington, NC magical. Our community embraces the natural beauty of the region, with walking paths and undeveloped riverfront surrounding out tree-lined streets. Our location—10 minutes from Downtown Wilmington, within 20 minutes of half a dozen wonderful beaches—is second to none in the region. From restaurants to marinas, oceanfront to nightlife, River Bluffs puts you at the heart of it all.

Cottage Park is our way of making River Bluffs and Wilmington, NC more affordable. Our smaller homes reduce your cost of living while still giving you access to all the amenities that our community has to offer. Whether dining at Porches Cafe, enjoying the produce of our community farm, taking advantage of our pool and rec center, or taking your boat out from one of our slips, River Bluffs offer so much to do and so many new friends to enjoy life with. A home a Cottage Park, starting in the low 300s, is a great way to own a house while keeping the cost of living in Wilmington, NC reasonable. It’s certainly cheaper than many rentals or condo purchases while offering you more space and more to do.

A Few of the Homes of Cottage Park


From all across the nation, growing families and new homeowners like you are making Wilmington, NC their forever home. Settling here gives you access to so much—stunning beaches, vibrant entertainment, and some of the best sunsets anywhere. The laid back coastal vibe that permeates our corner of the world is especially strong here at River Bluffs. If you’re moving to Wilmington, we hope you’ll make us your first choice for a community. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a retiree looking for your next adventure, our friendly sales staff is here to help. Schedule a tour with us and see what River Bluffs has to offer!

The Standard Features of Cottage Park Homes