Posted on: July 2nd, 2020 Posted in Residents Only

River Bluffs Farm Produce Sale Fri, Jul 3rd only


This week’s highlights from Terra Vita FarmsThis week’s specials are fresh Arugula, Summer Salad Mix, Cherry Tomatoes and Radishes!  Michael also has new garden transplants available to rejuvenate your garden – Bee Balm and English Lavender along with basil (red, Genovese, lemon or Thai) and sugar baby watermelon plants. Fresh bunches of Thyme and Basil as well as Lemon Balm, Oregano and Mint are available – fresh cut upon request. Please see the complete list of available produce in the link below.

Red-Tailed Farm will be onsite with their popular Bacon, pork shoulder steaks, Hot Ground Sausage along with whole chickens, duck or rabbit and ground lamb or goat as well as their chicken and duck eggs.

Dates: Friday, Jul 3rd (Terra Vita Farm and Red-Tailed Farm)

Time: Friday 10am – 4pm

All products are available on a first come, first serve basis as long as supply lasts.

All forms of payment (credit card, cash or check) are accepted.

RB Farm Produce Sale