Posted on: September 18th, 2020 Posted in Residents Only

Good evening,

Mother Nature let us know who was in charge yesterday with the remnants of Sally but glad to say we were all spared the worst of it. This weather forecast for this weekend looks amazing and who knows, you may even need a sweatshirt in the evening hours early next week. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit I don’t think any of us knew what direction the real estate industry go but I’m happy to report that we are on pace to have a record year of sales here at River Bluffs and currently have over twenty contracts in place right now with many more close behind. While we are certainly seeing many buyers coming from out of the area, roughly half of the folks looking in the community already live in the Wilmington area. Since starting the community, we have closed on two-hundred and thirty homesites and have over one-hundred and eighty five completed and occupied homes, with another twenty seven that are sold and under construction. While things like a shortage of skilled labor and huge spikes in lumber costs continue to be lingering problems, it doesn’t appear that we will be slowing down anytime soon.

You may have seen surveying crews on Chair Road this week and they are preparing for the installation of a ten-inch water line that will run from Castle Hayne Road into River Bluffs. Work is projected to start in the next week or so and while disruptions to traffic should be minimal, please be mindful of the crews as they work to install the line. The installation of this line will give a “looped” water system in River Bluffs as we will be supplied by both the aforementioned line and from our current line that comes in via Rockhill Road. A looped system is preferable in that should the CFPUA need to shut off water somewhere along the system, we can still be fed from the other end of the loop. The development company is paying for the installation of the line and it will be turned over to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority once it is completed and tested.


If you haven’t been down to check on the progress of the Pavillion at the marina, this weekend will be the perfect time to check it out. The bathrooms have been sheetrocked and the floor decking on the porch is completed as well. Work is underway on the bench railings that will be on three sides of the Pavillion and it will be a great gathering spot when it’s done. The remainder of the parking lot at the marina and Pavillion will be completed in the next two weeks as well with the installation of additional curbing and stone. Thank you very much for everyone’s cooperation with the reopening of the fitness center. It is being cleaned five days a week and as with the reopening of the pool, neither management nor the RAC have received reports of any concerns. The Community Activity Room (“CAR”) is also now available for use, with proper social distancing and mask guidelines in place. In the next several weeks we will be work on increasing the size of the boat and RV storage area as well.

Neighborhood Safety

While there is no restriction on using golf carts in the evening hours, please keep in mind that you should always have your headlights on and be respectful of those who may turn in early. At all times of the day, golf carts should be operated no differently than your car which means adhering to Stop signs and watching your speed. We (the Sales Team) have had to remind ourselves of this as well as it’s easy to forget sometimes when you’re enjoying a mild day in an open golf cart. Also just a reminder that the defibrillator in the community was relocated from the fitness center to the post office sometime ago and is on the back wall.

In closing, a reminder that the River Bluffs portal is a great resource for information about the community, including notes from the RAC meetings, the latest financial reports for the Association and a listing of the multiple club activities. Thank you all for choosing to make this great community your home and have a wonderful weekend.

John Lennon