Posted on: October 14th, 2020 Posted in Residents Only

Friday Oct 16th ONLY!  Time: Friday 10am – 4pm

Some of this week’s market items from Terra Vita Farms are fresh harvest of Kohlrabi bunches, Peppers and Mushrooms (limited quantity)!  Microgreens and shoots will also be available.

Lots of plants in the ground and more being planted.  Look forward to more produce on regularly basis in the coming few weeks!

Red-Tailed Farm will be onsite this week.

Eggs:    Mixed sizes – $6/dozen             Jumbo – $7/doz

Forest-raised Pork:

Bratwurst Links                           $10/5-pack                                    Pork Chops  $14/lb

Chorizo                                        $10/lb                                            Ribs              $9/lb

Hot/Mild Sausage                        $10/lb                                            Pork Belly    $12/lb

Boston Butt/Picnic Roast             $10/lb                                            Meaty Soup Bones  $5/lb

Pastured Chicken:

Whole Chicken                            $6/lb                                              Leg Quarters                  $8/lb

Boneless/Skinless Breasts           $10/lb                                            Wings                             $7/lb

To pre-order: text Juliann at 704-491-3149 or email!

All products are available on a first come, first serve basis as long as supply lasts.

All forms of payment (credit card, cash or check) are accepted.