Posted on: March 25th, 2018 Posted in Community News, Development Progress

There is a lot going on with the gates of River Bluffs!

White Cliffs Updates
The finishing touches continue within the White Cliffs sections of the neighborhood, with the installation of Lot signs, grass seeding, and fine grading. A professional arborist has worked to trim the tree limbs and professionally prune the trees not only in White Cliffs but throughout the rest of the community as well, in an effort to maximize their growth this spring. We also have fertilized all of the trees in the common areas as well as the ones in the parks and infiltration basins.
What’s Next? 
The two areas that will see development activity occur next will be the continuation of Sea Holly, Minerva, and Jenoa in the Rosewood Landing section of the neighborhood, plus the completion of the road to the marina.

We are particularly focused on the installation of the road to the marina as that also allows us to get utilities to the marina and obviously will improve access. With the completion of the Riverwalk just a few weeks away, there is a tremendous focus on our riverfront amenities and getting them completed.

Amenities Update
A new multi-use room that will be available for resident reservation is nearly completed, we are waiting on just a couple of finishing touches. The well for water has been installed, and the lines run to the new restroom building up at the tennis/pickleball facility. We are told by the contractor who applies the playing surfaces to the courts that he will be here the second week of April to apply the material.
The swimming pool is undergoing work to prepare for its opening in a couple of weeks.
Multiple layers of gravel have been laid down around the boat ramp to allow for easier access, and parking and that area is really looking good. Bellingham Marine, the company constructing the floating sections of the riverwalk tells us that they are fabricating the docks and delivery is still expected in the next few weeks. It will take a couple of weeks to get everything installed after that.
Community Activities
Farm Market - It is Spring, and that means we have some fantastic produce available! Steve, our community farmer along with some other vendors, will be set-up on the porch at Porches Cafe from 10:00am-3:00pm Saturday’s. Along with coffee, Porches will also have some of Chef Erin’s muffins available. Come check it out!
Live Music at Porches – Visit our event calendar to see upcoming live music and other community events!
Check back often to read about what’s new and upcoming!