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Who are the best home builders in the area?

There are as many reasons to relocate to Wilmington, NC, as people moving here. New arrivals in the region are often seeking their piece of paradise – with many looking to build their dream home near the water. This is a great goal, but it can lead to a whole list of important questions: What do I need to know about building a home? Who are the best home builders in Wilmington, NC? Which home builder can create the home that I want?

The good news is River Bluffs can help. We work with the finest home builders in the Wilmington area—the ones with the experience and creativity to make your dream a reality. Working closely with the staff at River Bluffs, our builders create the one-of-a-kind Wilmington, NC home of your dreams, with countless floor plans available and custom requests welcome. If you’re looking for a low-country, low impact home in a neighborhood overlooking the Cape Fear River, keep reading, and we’ll introduce some of the best builders in the region. All of the builders listed below work with us at River Bluffs in creating the homes and communities our residents desire.

Herrington Classic Homes

Herrington Classic Homes have been building homes in Wilmington, NC since 1985, and they invite their clients to join them in their business model: Build Your Story. Herrington understands that your house is more than a building: it’s a dream, the setting for your life, and the main stage for most of what you do and feel. Having developed hundreds of homes in the Wilmington Area, Herrington Classic Homes knows how to create a home that captures the spirit of the region and offer the best that the Cape Fear has to offer. Herrington Classic Homes is also committed to meeting the current best practices of green construction as set by the National Alliance of Home Builders. Longtime members of the Cape Fear Green Building Alliance, they work to create homes that harmonize with the natural landscape of the region.

Herrington Classic Homes is the premier home builder for River Bluff’s Cottage Park neighborhood, which features affordable homes designed with energy efficiency and environmental friendliness in mind. Take a look at what they offer: they might be the perfect choice to build the next chapter in your story.



Legacy Homes

Well known in Wilmington and the surrounding area, Legacy Homes is a respected home builder in the Cape Fear region. Legacy Homes began as the high-end home division of established Carolinas home builder Bill Clark, who has long placed the highest importance on the quality of construction and customer satisfaction since 1977. Extensive detailing, luxurious fireplaces, wide and beautiful porches are the hallmarks of Legacy Homes’s construction style. For those of you looking to capture the elegance and luxury of low-country living, Legacy Homes may be the perfect choice to create your dream.


Plantation Building Corp.

One of the most prominent home builders in the region, Plantation Building Corp is among the most visible in Wilmington, NC, home building. Plantation Building understands one of the critical needs of folks looking for a custom home: the real goal isn’t price, or square feet, or a given set of features. The end goal of a custom home builder is creating a home that fits perfectly with life—and specifically your life. Whether they’re building an airy beach house, a cozy Low Country cottage, or the retirement villa of your dreams, Plantation Building Corp.’s ultimate goal is crafting the perfect place for your life and your way of living. Whether you have a specific vision in mind or you’re just looking for ideas, Plantation Building Corp. may be the perfect place for you to start.


Premier Homes

Premier Homes’ achievements are impressive: over 30 communities around the region and well over 3,000 homes developed across Wilmington NC and the Cape Fear. Their goal is to remain both a high-quality builder and a leading innovator in the changing Wilmington custom home market. Premier Homes focus on a growing market in Wilmington: smart homes designed with retirees in mind. They incorporate features intended to make their homes more comfortable for folks moving into their golden years: single-level homes with low maintenance needs, total lawn maintenance, oversized hallways and doorways, accessible doors and cabinets, and climate-controlled storage raised vanities. For active adults looking for a place to retire, River Bluffs may be the perfect community. If so, Premier Homes may just be the right builder for you.


Stone Built Homes

One of the most forward-thinking home builders in Wilmington NC, Stone Built Construction combines proven construction techniques and materials with contemporary ideas to craft homes that offer healthier, more energy-efficient, technologically accessible living. Business owner Travis Stone is a second-generation home builder, and the pride and work ethic he inherited comes through in every project executed by Stone Built Homes. As a result, Stone Built Homes offer some of the most well designed, innovative, energy-efficient homes in the region, and their work offers some of the best value to be found in River Bluffs. Stone Built Homes is a rising star in our community, and their quality craftsmanship and forward-thinking approach may be the perfect choice for your River Bluffs home!


Vahue Building Corporation

Another up and comer among Wilmington NC’s home builders, Marty Vahue started building new homes around the region in 2014. Specializing in custom homes, Vahue Building Corporation has quickly established itself as a builder of beautiful homes for all budgets and needs. At every stage of construction, Vahue Building Corporation applies its trademark personal touch: introducing you to the team, establishing rapport, helping you select the right homesite, and planning your custom needs within your budget. With honesty, integrity, and transparency, the Vahue Homes team will work with you and the team at River Bluffs to ensure that your home is personalized both inside and out. If you need a creative and beautiful custom home built within your vision and budget, Vahue Building Corporation and River Bluffs may offer the perfect pairing.


Charter Building Group

The newest addition to the community builder team at River Bluffs, Charter Building Group is no stranger to custom home building. With over 25 years of experience, Charter Building Group believes that your home should enhance your lifestyle via the perfect marriage of form and function. Whether you select one of their award-winning floor plans or you have a custom vision in mind, Charter Building Group will balance that vision with the highest quality construction techniques and materials along with the craftsmanship of experienced professionals. The resulting home is both attractive and functional, capturing both the Low Country spirit of River Bluffs and your vision for your new house. If you’re looking for both a high-value home and peace of mind during the entire process of planning and construction, look no further than Charter Building Group.


Whatever Your Choice, River Bluffs is the Perfect Community

When it comes to building a home in Wilmington, NC, you have a variety of excellent choices in custom home builders. Whatever your needs or budget, one of the partners in our community builder team will have the right solution for you. Meanwhile, River Bluffs can provide the right location for both your new home and the latest chapter it opens in your life. Our community sits on majestic bluffs, 30 to 50 feet over the beautiful Cape Fear River. River Bluffs offers a host of amenities, a beautiful natural setting, and, most importantly, a sense of community among our friends and neighbors. It’s a beautiful place to live, whether you’re a professional relocating to the area or a retiree eagerly looking forward to your next adventure.

In addition to beautiful homes in a pristine community, River Bluff’s location puts you at the heart of the vibrate Cape Fear region. Thriving nightlife, cultural activities, fantastic restaurants, and beautiful beaches are all within a twenty-minute drive of your new home. Some of the most exciting cities in the region are only a few hours away. No matter what you’re looking for, River Bluffs makes it easily accessible, further enhancing your quality of life here.

If you’re ready to make a move, get in touch with us. Our realty team will work with you and our custom home building partners in selecting a homesite, choosing a floor plan, and getting you started on the journey towards your perfect home!

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