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River Bluffs Women’s Lunch Update from Jean Williams –


WOW! We had a great turnout at the November River Bluffs Women’s Luncheon! Thanks to all who participated! 


Often, with unanticipated success comes the need for some adjustments. . . . 


First, the day and time: the lunch will be held on the third Thursday of the month. Guests are welcome at any time from 11:30 on to accommodate early afternoon commitments. 


To facilitate efficient and timely service there will be a fixed price – $15.  It includes the meal, a soft beverage, tax and tip and a set menu, developed by Chef Timeka based on food product availability. Alcoholic drinks and desserts will be at guest expense. Special needs will be honored in as much as possible.


Seating will be limited to the capacity of the sun porch which will accommodate a maximum of 40 diners. Reservations are required no later than 3:00 on the prior Wednesday – either by signing up at the restaurant or via phone call to 910-675-9090.


We anticipate that these minor modifications will make a very nice occasion terrific. We think this is a delightful addition to the long list of great events and programs offered at River Bluffs.


Questions?: Please contact our new restaurant manager, Michael Mercer, or 910-675-9090

Please read the following for some info about this event:




WHO: River Bluffs Women 


WHAT: Independent lunchtime gathering, no formal agenda – just a social get-together


WHY: To meet, get to know and spend time with other River Bluffs women


WHERE: Porches Café


RSVP REQUIRED! Sign up at Porches or call no later than 3:00 pm on prior Wednesday 910-675-9090


WHEN: Third THURSDAY of each month.

11:30 til whenever


DETAILS: Fixed menu, fixed price $15. (meal, soft BEVERAGE, tax & gratuity)



Thursday, December 19, 2019 




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