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Good afternoon,

Please remember to cast your vote for the two new RAC representatives by the end of the day on Monday, December 23rd. The results will be sent out after Christmas. Please visit the following link to cast your vote for River Bluffs two new 2020 RAC representatives if you haven’t already:


RAC Vote


The following is a message from River Bluffs Resident Greg Corbin, a current RAC committee member. Please do not reply to this email, instead please email Greg directly:

Dear Neighbors,

Recognizing the need to have homeowner engagement in HOA activities, the River Bluffs development selected three residents (Robert Conger, Elsie Freud, and Lori Nicholls) to participate in what is referred to as a “Resident Advisory Committee (RAC)”. Robert Conger subsequently stepped down, and Alan Morris, Greg Corbin, and Richard Berg joined the committee.

The purpose of this committee is to be liaisons between the residents and River Bluffs management, which includes the River Bluffs developers and our management company representative, regarding current and future issues that involve the community. The RAC will consist of approximately 5 members who will meet monthly with John Lennon and quarterly with the management company representative.

In the last two years, we focused on improving community amenities, creating the community activities room (CAR), adjusting the operation hours for greeters, improving security, and handling infrastructure issues, lawn maintenance, budget-related issues, and various other topics. In the near future, the RAC will work to take over the management of some of the activities that the developers would like to hand over to the future HOA.

In order to get fair representation from the homeowners, going forward, we will start electing our RAC representatives rather than appointing them — the developers designed this committee to rotate every two years to allow other residents to serve the community. Currently, Elsie Freund and Lori Nichols are ending their two-year tenures. Therefore, if anyone is interested in taking over their positions starting in 2020, please send your name and contact information to me. I will compile the list of the volunteers, then work with the sales office to devise an electronic ballot system that will allow all River Bluffs residents to vote from the list of volunteers. The only requirement to join the group is to have been a resident of River Bluffs for at least one year and be available to attend the monthly lunch meeting. If interested, please send your name to me at by December 9th.

Happy Holidays!
Greg Corbin