Posted on: December 3rd, 2019 Posted in Community News, Development Progress

Find Your Affordable New Home: Cottage Park at River Bluffs


Wilmington sits at the heart of North Carolina’s Cape Fear Coast—a region of the world defined by natural beauty and filled with a wide variety of things to see and do. Folks from around the nation and all over the world are moving to the area to enjoy coastal living.

With River Bluffs close to everything, that makes our riverside community a very special place. For those considering relocating to Wilmington, a host of questions can arise: where should we live? What community is the best fit? Is it better to rent or buy in Wilmington? While it may seem daunting, the answers are likely a lot simpler than you think. At River Bluffs, our community features custom and pre-built homes at a variety of price points, making it easier for you to find the right new house for you while residing within a community that offers the best of the region. Let us take a moment and introduce you to Cottage Park at River Bluffs, an affordable neighborhood in our community that gives you the best of several possible worlds.

Cottage Park at River Bluffs: Quaint and Beautiful

Nestled within River Bluffs, Cottage Park is surrounded by the natural wonder that is vital to both the Cape Fear region and River Bluffs itself. A home at Cottage Park gives you easy access to miles of walking trails, acres of parks, the riverfront, and so many other features our community has to offer. The architecture of Cottage Park does as much to set the mood as the natural setting, featuring craft-built homes that combine relaxed, low country style with the amenities and features of contemporary construction. Each home is built with our exact specifications in mind, with every detail carefully overseen by our choice builder, Herrington Classic Homes.

Cottage Park is an affordable and efficient option within River Bluffs, giving you access to all the amenities that River Bluffs has to offer while offering cost-effective, energy-efficient, smaller homes for those looking for a cozy house in an idyllic location. With floor plans ranging between three and four bedrooms and 1600 to 2100 square feet, you can pick the right size and layout of the home for your needs, both present and future. And with homes starting at the low to mid $300s, Cottage Park is an affordable new home option in River Bluffs. 

The construction of Cottage Park homes pays close attention to energy efficiency, incorporating it into every aspect and feature of your house. Energy-efficient argon-filled windows, R-15 batts in all exterior walls, tankless natural gas water heaters, and air sealing of all homes are standard features in Cottage Park, ensuring that your home is both easy to maintain and environmentally friendly. We show our commitment to these energy standards by ensuring that each household in Cottage Park receives an independent HERS rating from a 3rd party energy assessor. The net result is an environmentally friendly community that protects that natural beauty that we at River Bluffs hold dear and net savings to our residents of over $700 a year in energy costs.

Herrington Classic Homes: Our Trusted Cottage Park Builder

At River Bluffs, we’re very selective of our builders, working to build long-term, lasting relationships with some of the highest quality construction firms in the region. While searching for a builder for Cottage Park, we found our perfect builder in Herrington Classic Homes.

Herrington Classic Homes bring over 35 years of experience to bear in crafting your new home at Cottage Park. Every home they build is planned and constructionist with one goal firmly in mind: Herrington Classic Homes strives to help their clients build their own story. Just like River Bluffs, Herrington Classic Homes understands that a home is more than a building: for the folks that live there, that house is the setting for their lives. Herrington Classic Homes have been building high-quality houses around the Cape Fear region for a long time, and they understand both the area and the needs of the people that live here. They work to ensure that every detail of your Cottage Park home meets the highest quality standards and to incorporate the best energy-efficient, environmentally friendly standards available into everything they do.

The Heart of River Bluffs, the Heart of it All

Cottage Park sits at the heart of River Bluffs, offering an intimate neighborhood experience on quaint, tree-lined streets that gently draw you into a relaxed coastal way of living. In turn, River Bluffs sits at the heart of the Cape Fear region, giving you access to all the entertainment and recreational options that Wilmington and its surrounding beaches and environs have to offer. There are many reasons while an affordable, cozy home with great amenities might appeal to you, so take a look at our interactive map, read about Cottage Park on our website, and then make an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. They’ll show you Cottage Park and River Bluffs and help you begin the transition to life in our community!