Posted on: January 14th, 2020 Posted in Community News, Development Progress

We’re pretty unabashed in the opinion that River Bluffs is a great place to live. A big part of that for us is our setting—the tree-lined streets of our artisan-built neighborhoods capture the best of Low Country living while offering access to a large number of contemporary amenities. Likewise, our physical location overlooking the river gives our residents access to unparalleled natural beauty and a myriad of ways to enjoy it. We’re so grateful that we can call this place home, and we’re so happy we can share it with all of you!

Plans for Expansion

As wonderful as we think River Bluffs is, we’re always looking for ways in which is we could make it even better. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce a couple of upcoming expansions to our Riverfront and Marina. Currently, our Riverwalk offers over half a mile of walkable access for residents and guests of our community. Running along the shores of the Northeast Cape Fear River, it offers a pathway into the natural beauty of our setting, passing through the beautiful shores of the river while also allowing access to miles of trails and paths along the bluffs themselves along with other parks within the community. 


The Riverwalk also provides two gazebos for sitting and taking in the panoramic views of the river and its peaceful setting, while connecting our Marina and our Boat Launch. In its current form, the Marina is one of the jewels of River Bluffs. With an average depth of 35’ and a number of boats slips installed, the Marina also offers a boat and kayak launch which make the river and its beauty accessible to the nautically minded among our residents. These features set River Bluffs apart from so many other communities in the area as we celebrate and engage with the natural wonders of the Cape Fear region.

What does the future hold for our Riverwalk and Marina? Well, currently a series of expansion are underway which will further improve the experience they offer and create further amenities. We’re expanding the number of boat slips in the Marina towards to 188, adding more floating dock access, and taking steps to prevent erosion and ensure our beautiful riverfront remains intact for generations. It’s a big project, but we’re working with an excellent team of engineers and contractors to get it done as quickly as possible.

What does that mean for our residents and guests? Work is scheduled to take place along and near the riverfront, the construction barge is already on site and beginning the initial parts of the operation. Over the next six to eight weeks, construction crews will begin placing concrete and stone riprap along with parts of the bluff and shoreline as an anti-erosion/stability measure. As some of you may remember, this is a continuation of the work we had done last winter and as it did then it may require the closure of some sections of Riverwalk. At this time, while you are currently able to access the fixed portions of the Riverwalk, the floating sections have been removed to give our workers the access they need to get the job done. Likewise, you won’t be able to access the Riverwalk from the Marina for the time being, due to safety concerns during construction. Workers will also occasionally make use of the boat ramp to load construction materials onto the barge, so if you see heavy trucks moving through the area please keep a safe distance and understand that they may not see you. Our chosen contractors are all experienced professionals, but we need our residents to do their part in ensuring that this process is completed quickly and above all safely!

We’d also like to ask your patience and understanding as we move through this process of construction and growth. A great deal of work has to be done in a fairly short amount of time, and our construction crews have adopted a schedule that reflects this. The project and the situation are both fluid, and there are days when additional closures may be necessary in order for work to proceed in a safe and efficient manner. While we’ll always do our best to keep you posted, please understand that the unexpected may come up from time to time as we work to enhance the River Bluffs’ experience. We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation; our residents are the heart and soul of River Bluffs and we work hard to give you the best experience possible.

All of this construction is just a reminder that River Bluffs is a growing, dynamic community in which people from all walks of life have chosen to start the next chapter in their lives. As we continue to evolve, we’ll always be happy to welcome new residents and neighbors. If you believe River Bluffs is the right place for you, get in touch and let us show you all that we have to offer!