Posted on: May 29th, 2020 Posted in Residents Only
Good afternoon,
The following is a message from the Residents Advisory Commitee:

To the Residents of the River Bluffs Community
Recently there have been several posts on face book focused on issues in the neighborhood. This social media vehicle was meant to be a page for the residents of the community to share events and positive news. Good examples of this are the concerts and birthday wishes. We hope you will continue to use the community face book page for these types of postings. However, if you feel there is an issue, the best way resolve it is to bring it to the attention of the RAC or CEPCO. Please do not use face book  to post these issues; it only delays the time to resolve the issue and keep the community advised. We appreciate your cooperation.
The Residents Advisory Committee
Richard Berg, Greg Corbin, Jim Gulley, Don Kohler, Alan Morris