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Say Hello to our River Bluffs Greeters



Ron Shaw:

  • Pictured on the left, is a retired Marine who served 24 years, originally from Ohio and currently resides in Jacksonville, NC. 

Scott Springer: 

  • Pictured on the right, is a retired Marine, who moved to Wilmington in 2014 from New Bern, NC to attend school at Cape Fear Community College for Occupational Therapy.  

From Our Residents’ Perspective

A few residents of River Bluffs offered their outlook on life within the gates of River Bluffs.

“As residents of River Bluffs, we have all chosen to live within a gated community for enhanced security, safety, and privacy. Our security greeters are much more than the standard security guards; they are an integral part of our community life. While we may have gates, our greeters provide another level of protection – because it’s personal!. Our greeters are a great balance between friendly customer service and highly visible, effective security.

A community that only has gates isn’t typically valued the same way ones that have such gates manned effectively and consistently. Beautiful properties and amenities draw in the curious. Having our greeters in place ensures residents’ safety and security, increasing the overall value of our community. Our greeters do a wonderful job monitoring who enters and exits the property. If someone doesn’t have reason to visit our community, our greeters make sure that they do not get past the gate. 

Our greeters are the eyes and ears of all that takes place within our neighborhood – the unique glue that bonds all residents. It is reassuring when our greeters recognize you and your vehicle, coming and going within the community. We can go out of town only to return to “welcome home” and an update on neighborhood happenings while we were gone.

Our greeters are professional, cordial, courteous, very conscientious, and observant. They always respond quickly to questions and needs. We are delighted with the excellent service that they provide to us daily. 

They give us peace of mind. While our community is a beehive of activity with ongoing construction, our greeters’ watchful eyes help to minimize issues and problems that could arise given the number of construction workers and equipment circulating within our community daily. They serve to prevent and to enforce the adherence to rules regarding construction crews being on site.

We are very appreciative of our greeters and their commitment to excellence through their service to our neighborhood.” – Julie Orr 

“The first time I drove into River Bluffs, I realized that this is a remarkable community. I saw the recreation areas, tennis courts, and beautiful landscaping that frame the entrance roadway and gates. A gentleman welcomed me at the gate, who treated me in a friendly manner and directed me to the sales office.

When I returned a month later with my wife, she was equally impressed.
Now, as residents of River Bluffs, we appreciate this secure gate system manned by these two warm, pleasant, watchful professionals, Scott and Ron. They manage all who enter and exit, from deliveries vendors and contractors to visitors and guests.

When friends or family visit us, it is reassuring that the greeter will welcome them and direct them to our home. Ron and Scott approach every visitor with kindness that is matched by their diligence for our community security. Their waves and smiles provide a first and lasting positive impression of River Bluffs. Our greeters provide a balance of hospitality and security that led us to choose River Bluffs for our new home.”

– Rick and Care Rice

Visit Our Weekly Weekend Farmers Market

Every weekend, join us for seasonal produce from the River Bluffs farm! We welcome Terra Vita Microgreens & Red-Tailed Farm every Friday & Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. All produce and protein are first-come, first-serve each day, as long as supply lasts! All forms of payment (credit card, cash, or check) are also accepted, stay tuned for weekly offerings on Facebook.

Schedule a Tour: In-Person or Virtual

Ready to visit us? We’re excited to meet you. Please follow our standard procedure:

  1. Call ahead or arrive at the gate and say hello to Scott or Ron! If you’re a Realtor, we ask for a business card and we’ll inform the Sales Team you’ve arrived.
  2. Provide our greeters with your reason for your visit. You can say, ‘I’d like to eat at Porches Cafe.’ ‘I’m interested in viewing your model homes. ‘I’m here to visit a friend or family member.’ We’ll document your visit and provide directions to your destination.
  3. Wave and enjoy your time at River Bluffs!