Posted on: August 6th, 2020 Posted in Community News, Residents Only

Good afternoon,

I hope everyone made it through the storm earlier this week and that things are getting back to our new “normal”. I think everyone would agree that the hurricane packed a bigger punch than we all thought it would and areas to the south of us certainly can attest to that. Areas around Southport and Oak Island really got hit very hard. Thankfully the damage here was minimal and as you have seen, the cleanup is well underway. If you have yard debris, please put it on the asphalt roadway in front of your home and it will be picked up and taken to a central spot under the power lines where the County will ultimately pick it up to haul off site. Putting the debris on the asphalt insures that your grass won’t be damaged and equipment can pick it up more easily.

You may see several new boats in the marina in the next few days. As you no doubt have read, the Southport Marina was completely destroyed and we are allowing some vessels to dock in the marina for a month or so while repairs are made to their home marina. Individuals who have previously indicated that they were purchasing slips will not be impacted and there are still slips available. It is important to stress that this is temporary and we are really just being a good neighbor. These boaters will NOT be given gate codes, key fobs or windshield stickers and will only be allowed to come in when the gates are open. They are limited to one vehicle in the parking lot and are absolutely prohibited from sleeping on their vessels. We are still 3-4 weeks away from being able to begin selling the boat slips (lawyers and surveyors tend to drag things out) so the timing of this works well.

Sales have continued to be strong and we are happy to report that the area of the development where Cottage Park and Mariner’s Watch Townhomes are located has now been recorded and we are beginning sales in those areas. The Pavillion down at the marina is really coming together looks like it will be a great place for gatherings. Thanks for your continued support and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a good evening.

John Lennon