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Wilmington, NC is one of the best places to live on the east coast. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and a historic downtown, this city has everything you could want. Wilmington also happens to be located just a few hours from other cities and towns, which makes it easy for residents to take fun day trips to explore new places.

Myrtle Beach, SC

Located just 75 miles away from Wilmington, Myrtle Beach makes for a great day trip for families, couples, and those just looking to get away for the day. Broadway at the Beach, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Barefoot Landing are just a few of the attractions Myrtle Beach has to offer. Before you leave, make sure you take a ride on the SkyWheel to get a picturesque view of the city. 

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC, home of NC State University, is just two hours away from Wilmington. This bustling city is packed with things to do on a day trip. With a top-notch food and beer scene, sprawling parks, and art museums, Raleigh is an exciting getaway for those seeking a new adventure. Located just 30 minutes from other exciting cities like Durham and Chapel Hill, Raleigh is a great spot for Wilmingtonians to explore on a day trip. 

Charleston, SC

Located about 170 miles away from Wilmington, Charleston, SC is a place to visit for the day or weekend. Being one of the oldest cities in the U.S, Charleston has become a popular destination for tourists all over the nation. The South Carolina Aquarium, Rainbow Row, and the Fort Sumter National Monument are a few must-see attractions in Charleston. Filled with award-winning restaurants, this city is ideal for couples seeking a romantic getaway. Before you leave, make sure to stop by the Angel Oak Tree, a 500-year-old oak tree that attracts over 400,000 visitors every year. 

Southport, NC

Southport, NC is just 32 miles away from Wilmington, making it a quick, easy, and fun day trip for anyone. You can drive to Southport, or you can take the ferry from Fort Fisher to the city. This charming coastal city has plenty to offer for tourists, including historic sites, the North Carolina Maritime Museum, and local seafood eateries. 

Bonus: Staycation 

Wilmington is a great place to live and the perfect place to have a staycation. 

There are plenty of relaxing things to do in Wilmington, such as yoga on the Oceanic pier and a stroll through Airlie Gardens. Looking for something more exciting? Check out some of Wilmington’s must-visit hidden gems, such as Masonboro Island and the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden. To end your day, check out the top 5 breweries and top 10 local waterfront restaurants in the city. With so many attractions, Wilmington is the perfect place to kick your feet up and have a staycation! 

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