Posted on: April 26th, 2023 Posted in Community News, Sustainability

Are you looking for an eco-friendly community that prioritizes sustainability, comfort, and well-designed homes? Look no further than River Bluffs. Our community prides itself on low-impact living, and our residents reap the benefits of this sustainable lifestyle. In this article, we will describe our approach to eco-friendly living, and why it is so effective in keeping our environment healthy.

What is Low-Impact Living?

Low-impact living is a lifestyle that has minimal interference with nature. Compared to traditional housing communities that chop down trees and clear the land of all its native wildlife, River Bluffs took a different approach. Our low-impact community helps preserve the natural beauty and health of our local environment, and our energy-efficient homes help reduce our carbon footprint. Low-impact communities provide significant benefits to the environment and residents, helping to build a stronger community and bringing people together for a common cause: cultivating a healthy and sustainable living environment.

At River Bluffs, we stand by five sustainable principles in our community, including:

  • Minimal paved roads and driveways
  • Preserved trees and natural green space
  • Amenity-rich, active living community
  • Construction debris recycling program
  • Zero retention ponds and cleared drainage
  • Benefits of Low-Impact Communities

    Living in a low-impact community comes with many benefits for residents and the environment, alike, including:

    Reduced environmental impact

    Low-impact communities are carefully designed to minimize their impact on the environment. At River Bluffs, we partnered with builders, engineers, and planners to ensure our community had minimal impact on the ecosystem. Our dedicated team of builders helped us develop a community that prioritizes the preservation of our natural Riverfront landscape.

    Lower cost of living

    Low-impact communities can also lead to cost savings. Since many homes in low-impact communities are energy efficient, homeowners may save money on their utility bills. Additionally, residents of low-impact communities often save money on food, clubs, and other resources that are provided within the community. Additionally, homeowners with renewable energy sources like solar power, can enjoy further cost savings.

    Healthier lifestyle

    Residents of low-impact communities are exposed to a healthier lifestyle that promotes health and happiness. At River Bluffs, we encourage our residents to get outside and enjoy our nature trails, parks, and the Riverwalk. Not only does this benefit the health and well-being of our residents, but it helps to strengthen the connection with nature in our community.

    Resident Lifestyle

    At River Bluffs, our residents can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle that gives back to the environment. Because River Bluffs is a low-impact community, many residents experience an improved quality of life since they feel more connected and supported than they would in a more traditional neighborhood. Our community features miles of outdoor trails, tree-lined streets, and a deep respect for nature. In addition to these outdoor amenities, our residents can enjoy the River Bluffs Community Farm, located just minutes away from the neighborhood gates. Situated on 10 acres of land, the Community Farm has a variety of produce all year round. We’re proud to be the only no-spray farm in Wilmington, NC and practice no-till farming methods to help preserve the local ecosystems.

    The River Bluffs Difference

    River Bluffs was designed to embrace the natural beauty of coastal North Carolina, but our commitment to the environment is more than aesthetic. We work carefully with our planners, builders, and engineers to design a community that would be sustainable and low impact, helping to preserve the natural setting for generations to come. Low-impact communities like River Bluffs make a continued commitment to preserving the health and beauty of local ecosystems. At River Bluffs, our goal is to ensure that more than ⅓ of the land and natural landscape will be permanently preserved as open space, trails, and parks. Residents can enjoy time spent outside on one of our many wooded parks and trails that have been intentionally designed to flow with the natural landscape.

    Can you see yourself living in River Bluffs? Contact us today to schedule a tour, learn more about our community, and find your dream home on the bluffs of the Cape Fear River!