Posted on: April 25th, 2023 Posted in Residents Only

Good afternoon,

If it’s spring in River Bluffs then you know the Parade of Homes is upon us. The Parade is this weekend, 12:00-5:00 on both Saturday and Sunday and next weekend during the same hours. For those of you new to the area, the Parade of Homes is an opportunity for our builders to showcase their latest homes to the public. Throughout New Hanover County there will be approximately 45 homes open for tour and during these hours you will likely notice additional car traffic, especially around Black River Drive, White Cliffs, Chair Road and Kerr Landing. This year’s homes include entries by Charter Building Group, Richard Wallace Builder, Herrington Classic Homes and Vahue Building.

Yellow directional arrows will alert visitors how to get to the various homes and we have laid out the path in such a way as to minimize disruption. We do plan to CLOSE JENOA DRIVE from the Hansa Drive intersection to Black River during the Parade hours. There are two homes on Jenoa Drive in the Parade and we will be encouraging visitors to park on Black River and walk to the entries by Richard Wallace Builder and Charter Building Group. Homeowners on this street will still have access through their respective alleys. Thank you for your assistance in helping us showcase this amazing place to call home.

Over the last several weeks there have been multiple instances of children driving golf carts in the community and having multiple near-misses with cars, pedestrians and pets. To be respectfully blunt, I don’t get it. The fact that we are “inside the gates” doesn’t mean that there are no rules and that a 1,500 pound vehicle driven illegally by an inexperienced child won’t get somebody killed. It’s common sense and it’s also a rule; no one under 16 should be driving any motorized vehicle. Driving a golf cart is also not carte blanche for driving them on sidewalks, into the park, into front yards etc. Please keep them on the roads and in the parking lot. It’s only 14 feet from the parking area at the pool to the gate. I know that this request will spark some quick responses about other vehicle traffic and parking issues and you are welcome to email those issues to me at but let’s focus on this one too. Thanks very much for your help with this.

Have a great week.
John Lennon