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Wilmington, NC is a unique coastal city that has exciting opportunities for its residents. The area is experiencing significant growth and as a result, the local economy is booming. If you want to relocate to a beautiful city filled with opportunity, look no further than Wilmington, NC. In this article, we will share the economic opportunities to be explored in the Wilmington area.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you have a business idea you’ve always wanted to try out? If so, Wilmington is the right spot to get started. This city is home to a number of small businesses, and as such, there is a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Both Wilmington residents and tourists flock to these establishments to support their business. From downtown to the beaches, you’ll find restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and boutiques owned and operated by locals. On the weekends, you can visit bustling farmers’ markets and craft fairs with local artisans selling their produce and goods. Wilmington is a hub for small businesses, so be prepared to shop local when in the city! There is no shortage of opportunity when it comes to small business in Wilmington, so bring your best idea and watch your business come to life.

Film Industry

Wilmington has gained the name of “Hollywood of the East” and “Wilmywood” due to the flourishing film and TV production in the area. Many movies and TV shows are filmed right here in Wilmington, and it’s not uncommon to see actors and actresses at local restaurants and shops. In fact, Wilmington has been the backdrop for numerous major productions, including Dawson’s Creek, The Conjuring, and Safe Haven. The film industry has brought many jobs to the Wilmington area, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. From makeup artists to lighting crews, there’s a myriad of job opportunities in the film industry.

Technological Innovation

Wilmington is home to several technology companies that employ a variety of different professionals, including software developers, IT support, cybersecurity, and quality assurance, to name a few. In fact, nCino, a global fintech company, was born out of Wilmington, and now has offices all over the globe. Wilmington may not be considered a tech hub yet, but there is no shortage of technological innovation in the area. So, whether you’re an expert or brand-new to the tech industry, Wilmington is sure to have an opportunity that fits your profile.

Education & Healthcare

Involved in education or healthcare verticals? Wilmington may have just the thing you’re looking for. The University of North Carolina at Wilmington enrolls over 17,400 undergraduate and graduate students every year and boasts an impressive track record for success. The city is also home to Cape Fear Community College, which boasts a variety of impressive programs, from chemical technology to medical assisting. Wilmington has a strong healthcare presence as well, with Novant and Wilmington Health dominating the scene, not to mention the pharmaceutical vertical. Both the education and health industries within Wilmington offer ample job opportunities.

Remote Work

Remote work has become increasingly popular since the COVID-19 pandemic, and many residents in Wilmington work remotely. But when you live in Wilmington, you don’t have to work from home. With dozens of locally owned cafes and coffee shops, Wilmington residents don’t have to settle for a home office. The area is also home to several coworking facilities where you can share an office space during the day. This flexibility gives people the opportunity to get their work done in an inspiring and social environment. When you live within minutes of the beach or downtown, you can easily take a midday break from your remote work schedule to enjoy some time outdoors.

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