Posted on: February 18th, 2017 Posted in Amenities, Community News, Sustainability

Imagine the paved streets of Mayfaire or the apartment complexes popping up around town, do images of hearty trees and greenery come to mind? Even as you drive into River Bluffs, you’ll notice a difference from the rest of new communities in New Hanover County: it doesn’t look like a brand-new building site and in a good way!

Preserving Our Natural Surroundings

New Hanover County has been around for a while, and though we love to see it develop and grow, we’d hate to lose all the natural beauty our area has to offer. Many of the trees, including beech trees and three types of hickory trees, have been on the land for decades, and we made every effort to leave these in place for you and the wildlife to enjoy. You’ll also notice the lush canopy as you wander the property no landscaper could create that overnight!

A Wide Variety of Species

River Bluffs is located in a particularly unique place in New Hanover County, with gentle hills rolling across the property. These tiny shifts in elevation make it possible for a huge variety at least five distinct types of plant communities to grow here. Where we can, we’ve left dead trees to stand among the living, as these make great places for other species to take root, like lichen and moss and even birds and small mammals. Just to name a few, you’ll find dwarf palmettos and dwarf pawpaw trees covering the ground with wide leaves and sweet fruits, along with witch hazel, blueberries, huckleberries, and even a black walnut tree or two on the property.

The Natural River Walk

We’ve done a lot of work to make sure our new Riverwalk & Marina is fully preserved for years to come by creating a CAMA approved “living shoreline.” To create the living shoreline, we’ve planted wax myrtles, yaupons, and cordgrass within the tall bluffs along the river. This deeply rooted vegetation will naturally stabilize the riverbank, prevent erosion damage, and ensure a fully-sustainable and environmentally-friendly riverbank for years and years to come. When you take a walk by the river, keep your eye out for the false cypress trees. There’s something called resurrection fern on the top, which turns a lovely shade of green after a good rain, and surprise – orchids often grow there!

With so much natural beauty to love at River Bluffs, every season of the year will bring new surprises for you and your family to enjoy as you explore our community.