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Breezy views, a warmer climate, and an environment that encourages you to stay fit? What’s not to love about seaside living!

Choosing marine and coastal margins over urban habitats can even increase happiness levels, research shows. 

If you’re thinking about moving near the coast or buying a second home, here are 5 compelling reasons to live by the ocean.

Increase in Physical Activity 

Whether you swim, walk, or surf, a warmer climate makes it easy to stay active. There is a high correlation between coastal life and exercise. Those who live closer to the sea engage in higher physical activity levels than those who live elsewhere. This is because residents living by the ocean are more likely to get outside. Plus, sea air provides cleaner air to exercise in, creating an energizing experience.

Cleaner Air

Seeking refuge in nature is crucial for wellness, and we can’t deny its therapeutic benefits, especially water. Sea air contains negative ions, which accelerate your body’s ability to absorb oxygen. Not only is this useful to balance your serotonin levels (your body’s happiness hormone), but sea air is also cleaner and promotes good sleep.

Improved Sleep

After a seaside hike, studies show that people sleep better, averaging 47 minutes longer than those who go for an inland walk of a similar length (gaining only 12 minutes of extra sleep).


Boosts in Mental Health

According to Travel + Leisure, a study conducted by the University of Exeter in the UK found that individuals who live less than two-thirds of a mile from the coast are 22 percent less likely to have mental health disorder symptoms. 

Oceans also typically reflect shades of blues and greens, two colors known to evoke a state of peace and trust. Researchers agree, “blue spaces” can contribute to your cognitive wellness while boosting your feel-good hormones. 

Vitamin D

It is medically known that sun exposure is the best natural source of vitamin D. Staying in nature for just 20 minutes per day can improve your mood and increase Vitamin D levels. 

And for your body to absorb calcium for healthy bones, you need Vitamin D. It’s recommended that you spend about 10-30 minutes in midday sun several times per week. These short bursts of sun can be sufficient in providing all the vitamin D you need for the day.

Slow-Paced Lifestyle

If you’re searching for an anecdote for stress and anxiety, living a slow-paced lifestyle is the ideal solution. Taking time to reflect, enjoy nature, and plan a simple schedule can be very rewarding. Instead of being on the go, saying yes to a coastal lifestyle that focuses on leisure, cleaner air, and more meaningful experiences can improve the quality of your life. 

We’re here to help you find your new home by the sea.

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